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  1. Is use by friends and family permitted in ownership or membership programs?

    Yes. However use by family members, friends and acquaintances, without the owner or member being on board has a lower priority than usage by the owner or member in person.

  2. What flag does the yacht have?

    Sea Lady sails under the Italian flag, Atlantis sails under the Cayman Island flag, and the Ocean Falcon sails under the British Virgin Islands flag.

  3. How do I join the ownership program and what is the payment plan?

    After you have finished your due diligence we request a 10% deposit to be held in escrow pending the completion of your subscription.

  4. Are there any other expenses?

    Similare to the chartering of a yacht anyone using the vessel will pay the costs specific to their time onboard. This includes: fuel, food and drinks, dockage, satellite communications, any special repositioning expenses associated with owner's choice of destinations.

  5. Are there annual costs?

    Yes. The initial cost does not cover future operating costs. The management company will create an initial annual budget and will adjust it based on real time information and the Owners' directions.

  6. Which operating costs are shared between members?

    These operating costs are the normal and customary expenses any yacht owner would incur, regardless of individual use. Examples include: insurance, crew, home port dockage, maintenance, and management and fuel/transportation expenses for re-positioning.

  7. How do I book my cruises?

    Owners will be contacted in turn by the management company to plan their usage well in advance. The order of contact will change from season to season to assure all have identical opportunity to choose. Special provisions in the members' agreement will ensure that some high season time is always available.